Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The perfect shade of the sea for a perfect dresser

Do you ever feel like you have 50 different projects going on at one time and you see very little progress since you are working slowly on each of them at a time?  Well I do! I don't have anything stellar to show you tonight since all of my projects are still a work in progress, but here is an update on one of my larger projects in progress as we speak.

My sister in law asked me to help her with her Master Bedroom Makeover a while back.  Her whole house is absolutely gorgeous, so I was very flattered that she even asked for my opinion.  She is steering away from her more Tuscan style bedroom that she currently has with dark (but gorgeous) wood furniture and deep green walls into something a bit more airy and light, with a French flare to it.  We spent quite some time searching for the perfect dresser to adorn her wall, and fortunately came across this cute thing on ksl (similar to Craigslist but more popular in utah). 

Her dresser is the cream one in the top right hand corner
 It was exactly the shape, size, and style she was waiting patiently for.  It was a shame that someone else had found it before she did and refinished it already, because it would just go in for another makeover once we got our hands on it. 

The bones of this piece are fantastic, but it wasn't the color or style she wanted with the current hardware.  She created the above collage of several different finishes/ styles that she liked.  Here are two of the faves that we narrowed it down to from Somerset Bay:


After she gave me her top 4 color picks from her Kwal Howell color deck, I decided to go fairly bold and picked out my fave- "Sea Drifter: by Kwal Howell.  I love to use Behr's ultra paint and primer in one in a satin finish (from Home Depot) so I had them color match it for me, and here is the gorgeous concoction that I came home with

After a light sanding over the drawers to remove the saw dust flecks and pieces of scotch tape that were left on the dresser before it was painted (geeeeeez people, come on) I painted two coats with a foam roller on the drawers.

drawers just as we received them

neglectful tape

After a fresh new coat

before and after
She just dropped off the actual dresser itself today, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  Here's what she looks like.

 Could you just die???  These curves are SEXYYYYY!

So, the original plan was to paint the whole thing.  Although I vowed to never again strip paint from an intricately carved surface after my horrific experience with my dining room table (which is one of the 50 above mentioned works in progress), I couldn't bare to leave the scuffed up and mistreated top the way we got it.  The hiding wood underneath is so gorgeous, and I think it will really create the look she will love, especially in her bedroom where she will be pairing some of her current dark wood furniture with some new light and airy pieces. 

I whipped out my sander to clean her up a bit and get rid of the top coat of polyurethane and glaze.

I very carefully sanded down all of the beveled surfaces as they are the hardest to remove paint from with a stripper.

Just before bed tonight, I slabbed her down with a thick coat of Citristip that I will allow to soak for about 12 hours before I start scraping tomorrow.

Hope you are as anxious as I am to see the finished product!  Wait till you see the new hardware she has picked out for her... hold on to your seats peeps.




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  2. can't wait...It's going to be perfect...

  3. Ooh la la! I'm so excited, mostly because .... I am the sister-in-law, so when this beauty is done, she's coming to live at my house! (Please try to control your envy.) Jen, you're the best!

  4. Totally loving your blog! Just found it today. So inspiring!
    Now following!

    Ask the Duplex

  5. @Anonymous willow, you are too funny. I'm excited to do it for you!


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