Thursday, May 5, 2011

Competition lyrical dance, "Hallelujah"

Remember that wild and crazy competition I told you about that my dancers and I attended over this past weekend?

Here's a video of them performing their lyrical piece, "Hallelujah" which took 1st place.  Yeah baby.

We're gearing up to compete at another one this Saturday.  The best part?  It's at a local theme park so we get to run around and play on the rides all day when we're done... yee-haw!

I love my job.


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  1. Hi! Lovely routine... my daughter danced from the age of 4 until she went to college. She was on her high school dance team so I have been to what seemed like a million competitions. I loved every one! Good luck at your competition today. If you haven't entered my giveaway and you have time please stop by my blog! Happy Mother's Day...~Ann


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