Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspiration for Master Bedroom Makeover

I have overused my excuse that we are still in the process of "moving in" to explain my sad bedroom situation.  I guess I need to accept that now, after living in our home for over 8 months we are as moved in as we're ever gonna be.  The bedroom situation has got to change.  I haven't really done anything to decorate yet because I didn't want to just throw things up because I had them; I really wanted to make our bedroom a place that I love and am proud of.  I have been working slowly on collecting components that will make up my bedroom makeover, but have been stuck for quite some time on color choices.  Currently, my bedroom walls are a deep grey/blue color (cargo from Kwal Howell).  I loved the color when I first chose it and was planning on accenting our bedroom with black and white/cream (hence the fabric choice for my wingback chair).  Since we've been here though it just hasn't seemed to sit well with me.  I assumed it was just because all of my furniture and accessories weren't finished and that it would look great with the accents.  Anyway after brewing over this for months it finally occurred to me that it would be ridiculous to "make things work" and decorate a room around a color scheme that I really don't even want!  I decided to wipe the slate clean.  With no pre-determined requirements, I started saving pictures of any bedrooms/ bedroom components that I loved.  My guess is that you will realize much more quickly than I did what color scheme/ style I am going for in my bedroom and what the most important (and simple) change is that I need to make.

I loved several things in this room:
1) the gorgeous linen headboard
2) the antiqued silver night stand with fabulous elegant legs
3) the assortment of accent pillows in a fairly monochromatic color scheme
4) the neutral bedding

What I didn't love:
1) the intensity of the wallpaper (too feminine for a bedroom shared by a man and woman in my opinion) and overwhelming on all walls.
 What I love:
1) the clean white lamps with clean white lampshades
2) the pale blue/ gray walls
3) vintagey white night stands
4) monochromatic neutral bedding with lots of accent pillows
5) Let's not forget the obvious here: the gorgeous (and super expensive I am sure) headboard accent and cream linen headboard
6) What I think I see peeping out from the side- clean white curtains

What I don't love:
1) Walls are a tich too blue/ almost purple


What I love:                                                                        
1) the GORGEOUS tufted linen headboard                    
2) the monochromatic neutral bedding in clean white and soft creams/ tans
3) the gorgeous french provincial night stand in a soft grey/ silver finish
4) the clean white curtains
5) neutral cream lamp and lampshade
6) the pale tone to the walls  

What I don't love:
1) walls are too purple in color
2) the chandelier- don't get me wrong, I LOVE chandeliers and particularly feminine glass/ crystal chandeliers but this one just rubs me the wrong way for some reason...

Are we starting to see a theme here?
Here are some pictures that include components I would like to see in my bedroom (though I may not particularly love the bedroom as a whole).


Mirrored night stand, grey/ light blue color scheme

White chair rail and decorative molding boxes, clean white bedding

soft grey walls, clean neutral bedding 

SOOO here is what it took Penny Wenny 8 months to realize:
  • I don't want dark walls! 
  • I like a monochromatic color scheme
  • I love my "clean" whites and "creamy" creams
  • I love elegant lines on furniture
  • I love mirrors on night stands
  • I love neutral linen tufted headboards
  • I LOVE molding
Finally I know exactly how I want this room to look and I have come up with a game plan on a thrifty gal's budget using as many of my own components as possible.  First, I need to paint!  Buh-bye dark blue, hello soft grey.  Second, my sweets and I will install chair rail and decorative molding... eeek!  I can hardly contain my excitement about this one because it took much convincing on my behalf for him to realize how gorgeous molding is and that it doesn't only belong in museums. Silly boy. Lastly, and quite possibly the most fun part- furniture and decorating! Fortunately I already have most of the furniture and accent pieces that are going to make my bedroom the sanctuary that I want it to be.  It's just a matter of painting and refinishing them to the color and style that I want.  I can't wait to show you what I have pulled up my sleeve!  Hopefully we don't all have to wait another 8 months for me to reveal this exciting transformation.  

Ladies and gentlemen, bring on the paint.


  1. looks great...

    I loved the second last picture... will definatly follow that for my master bedroom.

  2. I agree with you the wall paper is to feminine for a room for both a man and a women. I think that safe unisex colors are your best bet for that room.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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