Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dance Workshop with SYTYCD Stars

I feel like I could die tonight and know that I have lived. Seriously. I took my darling girls that I coach to a dance competition today, taught by some of the incredibly talented SYTYCD former contestants (Allison Holker, Kent Boyd, Ade, and Dominic). I was able to actually take two of the classes in the morning, with my faves- Allison and Kent. Just watching them would have been enough for me but to actually learn their choreography and have them share wisdom with me was so incredible.  Allison's class was first.

Please pretend that I did my hair in the morning and didn't sweat profusely for hours before we took this pic.  Um thanks

I fell in love with Allison and her style from the get go in season two on the show and was so sad that she was voted off when she was. I thought she was amazing back then, but watching how much she had grown as a dancer when she came back as an all star was so powerful. Okay I'm getting a little bit cheesy now. Anyone want some crackers with their cheese? Sorry, this is what happens when you attend an all day dance workshop while running on 5 hours of sleep and battling a head cold. Anywho, her class was unbelievable. She made everything seem so cinch. She even commented on how one of the jumps in her combo looks super cool but is honestly "so easy". You should have heard the laughter in the room. We all knew it was a lie. This video is super crappy quality (who was the videographer...seriously?) but hopefully you can see how I left feeling like I could just die.

Kent's class was next and was also a blast.  His style was a blast.  He's dancing next to the gray sports bra/ spandex shorts chick in this one.   

Love him.  My girls are all OBSESSED with him.

I went to my students' classes afterwards to observe and take pics/ videos of what they learned.  Ade taught  them a super fun hip hop dance. 
What a stud.
I know this post wasn't about creating a new delicious concoction or turning a curbside dresser into a piece out of a PB catalogue, but I write about creativity and in my opinion dance defines creativity.  I love love love it and feel so fortunate that I was able to learn from such talented and inspiring people today. 

I hope you enjoyed the cheese; I'm off to bed before I delete this whole embarrassing journal entry post.


  1. So cool! I bet you had a great time.

  2. Jen I can't begin to tell you how jealous I am! What an amazing opportunity! Ps I miss u like crazy!

  3. Thanks Als, it really was so fun. D-bone!!!! I love and miss you so much. So glad I got to catch up with you today. Next time they have a workshop like this you need to fly your little buns out here and join me. I miss you!


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