Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dresser kicked to the curb

This poor dresser was literally kicked to the curb by its owner.  I happened to drive down my mom's street several months ago and did a double take when I saw this giant block of wood in someone's gutter.  I didn't think much of it but decided that on my way home I had to at least see what it was.  I hit the jackpot.  Sitting outside waiting to be picked up by the city (it was their street cleanup week) was this HUGE solid wood Thomasville dresser with all drawers intact, and (2) of the original knobs still there and gorgeous.  I happened to be rollin' in my sweets' truck that night so I am certain the stars were aligned for me and I was meant to own this beast dresser.   Fortunately my dad helped me load this heavy thing into the truck and homeward bound I went.  This has been sitting in my garage for months and I have finally had the urge again to start a new project.

I know that I openly admitted that my New Year's resolution is to finish each project before I start another.  My defense here is that I truly can't move forward (much) on my Wingback chair until I buy new foam (and figure out how to wrap it in down) which requires some extra $$$ that I don't have right now.  SOOO Penny Wenny's plan is to take an itsy bitsy detour onto the dresser, sell it and make some $$$ to pay for the materials needed to finish my chair.  Does that count?  I sure hope so.  :)

Without further adieu, may I introduce you to the Beast:

The drawers in these pics are in the wrong places- both on the right side are tops, and both on the left are the bottoms

I love these little knobs!

I have big plans for this baby.  Although it may be difficult for many of you to envision her future charm, if you have need for a new dresser and would like me to refinish this piece for your room, please contact me!

As a side note, my dear friend gave me this gorgeous bed cover (I can't remember the proper name for it) but I LOVE the texture and of course that it is white.  She knows me too well.  This very well may be transformed into a duvet cover for my new master bedroom.  Eeeek!  Thank you Kathie. :) 

~ PW


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