Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wreath complete!

I decided that with my lack of time before Christmas, I better just hang the wreath as is and wait till next year to do the trio. I bought a $3 spool of polka dot ribbon (I love love love polka dots... must be the little girl inside of me) and hung this little babe on our door. I love the cream against the black. I would love to see other cute and unique (and cheap please) wreath ideas. Send 'em my way ladies! (and gents if there are any)

Also, I had a great time with my neighbor gals last night at our cookie exchange. I made my Momma's famous sand ball cookies (aka wedding cookies). Recipe and pics to come shortly.

Off to teaching I go!


  1. Turned out beautiful Jen! I was thinking of making that one but it looked like a lot of work. I ended up making an ornament one (total cost $8)

    Tutorial here:

  2. Thanks Luisa! I can't access your blog, will you send me an invite? I looked at the tutorial on eddieross and I LOVE it. Thanks for sending it to me! Can't wait to see your rendition when you send me an invite to your blog... ahem...

  3. Oh my gosh! I adore that wreath!! Did you come up with the idea to use beans on your own? I want to make one now!!

  4. Oh and yes, we definitely need to get you posting with big pictures. I need to see that wreath full size!

  5. LOL Sarah I told you I need LOTS of help. I would love to take credit for the wreath idea but heavens no, it came from All things Thrifty. It really is so easy (and cheap) to make. Send me your rendition if you make one :)


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