Monday, December 27, 2010

$6 Chandelier

I have mentioned previously that I am an avid visitor of my local thrift store, the DI. I found a true gem a few weeks ago and seriously couldn't believe my luck. This massive chandelier was just waiting there patiently for me to find her, and her price tag? $6. Yeperoo.
I wasn't ecstatic about the charcoal gray color, and intended to spray paint it to better match our homes' rustic bronze lights. Once inside however, it was near impossible to tell that the color wasn't exactly the same as our other lights.

I had the perfect spot for the light, above the stairwell that is right off of our entryway. The existing light that came standard with our home was one of the "boob" lights, you know the kind.
It was so boring and provided hardly any light. The light had been installed really close to the corner, so it wouldn't have worked for us to install such a wide chandelier in that same spot. Also, I wanted it to be centered in our front window so that it could be seen from outside. My sweets was kind enough (after a bit of teeth pulling) to take on this project for me since I'm not brave or knowledgeable enough in the electrical field to take on an endeavor this big (yet). He and his pal got to work for the next few hours to give me this:

I LOVE the way that it turned out. We bought a little $2 swag chandelier hook from Home Depot and screwed that into the beam that fortunately ran right where I needed it to for the light to be centered in the window. The boys installed the wiring and plate where the original light was, and swooped the chain over to the hook they had installed. With (9) lights in this chandelier, it definitely provides light! I feel like the whole house illuminates whenever we turn it on. I am so happy with the way it turned out but may spice it up even more by adding some little shades. What do you think?

Total cost of this project: Chandelier $6, new light bulbs $10, chandelier hook $2; Total cost $18
Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I love being thrifty :)


  1. So pretty Jen! Did you get it at Tooele DI? The Tooele DI is a GEM. I love it, and feel like it's our little secret.

  2. Thanks Sarah! Yes, I found it at our little hot spot. How is it possible that I have not run into you there yet??? What shoe size do you wear ps? There was a darling pair of brown pumps the other day that were too small for me but I wished they fit someone I knew. Knowing you though, you've probably already seen or bought them if they fit :)

  3. I always like it when I go to a person's house and their chandelier is hanging right above their stairs. This means that as I walk up the stairs I get to see a beautiful chandelier. Will most of the time at least. Once in a while you go up someones stairs and see a ugly light fixture. I think that what makes a home beautiful isn't just it's beauty but it's uniqueness in terms of beauty. The way you place things and the pride you take in where it's placed.

    -Zane of ontario honey

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