Thursday, September 8, 2011

Curtain indecision

Friends, family, followers- I need your help.  I've been searching for fabric to make new curtains in my kitchen and living room.  I regret to tell you that I can't make a decision!  I really love bright and geometrical prints right now, but worry that I may regret going for a trendy pattern on curtains.  I'm starting to lean very much towards the blue and cream chevron print that I used on the Chevron Chair a while back.

It's got a funky print but the colors are more subdued.  The current price of $6/ yard is enticing also.  What do you think about creating super long curtains (ceiling height) for my kitchen?  The ones shown in the picture below were loaned by my Master Bedroom for the sake of this photo shoot... unfortunately they don't really reside here.  I do love the light and airy feeling that they provide, so I want to stick with a lighter color. 

Here's a full view of the kitchen currently so that you can envision it with the chevron.  I have also just purchased new bar stools to sit up to the island that I am planning on upholstering in a bright print to bring some color into the space and add a little personality.  

So, what do you think?  Here's the Chevron print again:

Here are a few of the prints I am considering for my bar stools:

This one is my absolute favorite but it's not available in outdoor canvas, and I really want to go that route for the bar stool fabric so that they will wipe off spills more easily.  Isn't this print to die for?  I can promise you that it will be used one way or another in my kitchen/ living room. 

I love this one also, but the pattern is very large so on bar stools I worry that you might not be able to see enough of the print.

Love, but it's not as bright as I think I want it to be for the pop of color and attention in the room.

Super fun, but is it too bright???

If I decide not to go with the Chevron print for curtains, one alternate is:

I also really love this print, but don't want the curtains to be this dark in the kitchen.

One last question to my dear friends.  Do you think the curtain print needs to be the same in the kitchen and living room if they are right near one another?

By the way, here's how my living room looked a few weeks ago when I shot the pictures of my dining room set.

That, my friends, is my "real" life.  I have sold almost all of the furniture I had in that room, and am so excited to start from scratch.  I'm hoping that my fabric choices will inspire the other decor!

I appreciate all of your input and suggestions.

Xo my friends, xo



  1. The top fabric you picked as your absolute favourite would be mine too. Its gorgeous. As far as the curtains I would go the light blue. :)
    Maybe you can help me with something. I love your chevron chair above and want to know what paint you used for it? Everytime I've tried to paint something silver it rubs off. I've tried EVERYTHING! Can you help me? :)

  2. How about a solid color panel with a snazzy trim/border, that way you get both :)

  3. Definitely go with the chevron, it's current but it is also timeless. I think chevron will always be timeless. I think you definitely want to go as light with the color as possible so that's another vote for the chevron. Definitely use the same fabric for both dining and just looks more put together and seamless. It also helps them "take the back seat" and not become "oh, another fabric in here". I love the first and third fabrics for the bar stools with the first one being my favorite. I wouldn't worry about spills so much because it is just the best....You're sitting on the stool, how are you going to spill on it? Scotch Guard it and use it. It is totally fabulous! That being said the third fabric is also great, maybe you could do a medium yellow welting with it to brighten it up? Like the yellow in the first fabric, not the last (too bright and harsh for the chevron fabric). You need to trust your instincts more because you have great taste. Oh, and I would hang those draperies ALL the way up to the ceiling. Good Luck!

  4. Well, you are asking an indecisive person to help you make a decision..haha!! Okay so first I love your Chevron chair and I love that fabric, however when I look at your dining room and kitchen it has a more vintage feel to it and to my eye the chevron is more Hollywood Regency.. Now the price of the fabric is a great price, so that is something to think about. Can't wait to see what you end up doing..

  5. I used the first print for my kitchen valance and LOVE it!!

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