Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Darling little birdie chair

My sister in law found these darling little pink chairs at the DI for $15 a piece.

Chair on the right is the before
She asked me to paint the legs for her with some light distressing.  I used some of my leftover light gray sample paint I picked up at Home Depot for my Master Bedroom, and then dry brushed over it with the paint that was a shade lighter.

After a quick sanding over the high points, the cute little legs looked like this:

My sister had one of these chairs upholstered in a darling little birdie print.

and it now resides in her music/ reading room.

Doesn't it go perfectly in there?

Try to see past the ugliness of some pieces as-is, and start to look at their potential.  Who would have thought a chair like this would turn out so beautiful?

It's amazing what a little paint and fabric can do. 



  1. The chair turned out beautiful and I love the fabric. But HELLO, check out that view of the snow capped mountains in the background of the before photo! JEALOUS!! :)

  2. Beautiful chairs! I wish I could find something like that, at that price, around here!

  3. Lovely! And I am crazy about that fabric! Did it cost a fortune to recover them?

  4. These chairs are fabulous!!! What a great buy and I LOVE the fabric she chose!!!


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