Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Birthday Boy

My sweet little Trav turned 2 last week, and we finally had a free evening to get together with some family members to celebrate. 

This picture so appropriately captures Trav- one hand shoved in his mouth full of cupcake, the other hand cruising his truck over the remnants of his cupcake.  He is all BOY

We enjoyed some yummy Greek chicken pitas and Elmo Cupcakes (strawberry short cake for us grown ups) for food. Fortunately, Betty Crocker came to my rescue last minute for the cupcakes.  The ones I made from scratch the night before completely flopped and I still don't know why!  If you missed that ever so lengthy post, head on over HERE for a chuckle or two.

After birthday presents, we headed out to my sweets work for the kids to take a ride on our locomotive train. 

Trav got a darling little conductor outfit from his Grandma, Miss Rose and fit the part perfectly for his outing.

I feel so blessed to be his momma.

I love you, Trav.



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  1. Oh my gosh. SO. DANG. CUTE! I love that he loves Trains and has a conductor outfit! And I LOVE the Elmo slippers! your hair is getting so long!! It's gorgeous! LOVE YOU!


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