Friday, April 22, 2011

the next Mormon Bachelorette

I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  My AMAZING friend Alisha White is auditioning to be the next Mormon Bachelorette.  Picture ABC's the Bachelorette minus all the alcohol, drama, fighting and behind-the-scenes-in-the-fantasy-suite-sex, and there you have the Mormon Bachelor/ette. Don't get me wrong... I am sort of addicted to the Bachelor/ette despise it's sleaze but this LDS version of the show is catchy!  Remember my darling friend who choreographed for the Nutcracker in my living room with me back in this post? Her friend Aubrey was the first Mormon Bachelorette (who by the way is now happily engaged to her pick) and encouraged Alisha to date the most recent Bachelor.  She did go out with him but the fit wasn't perfect, so now she has decided to audition to be the next Bachelorette herself and I am so excited! 

Please check out her video submission above via YouTube or on the Mormon Bachelorette site HERE and leave a sweet comment if you feel so inclined.  Also, if you would "like" her on Facebook, that will help her get the votes she needs.

Alisha has been one of my best friends ever since we sat next to each other in 9th grade Biology class, and I love her dearly (so much that she was one of my bridesmaids). 

My besties- Alisha, Jackie, Yours Truly, Emily, Bre
This girl is the kind who truly just has so much going for her that it's hard to even find a man who is anywhere near her caliber of success/ accomplishment/ sweetness/ beauty, etc. etc.  If I were single, I'd marry her!  Did I mention how much I love this girl?

Check her out folks!  And then, if you have any handsome, funny, talented, ambitious and LDS single men you know, send them to the Mormon Bachelorette to submit their video as a chance to date Alisha!




  1. What a sweet homage to your friend. Good luck to her!

  2. This is a great post.

    I totally know the Mormon Bachelor, btw. It was surreal to see his dating life splashed across the internet. ;)


  3. JEN!!! I am HONORED by this post!! Thank you, love!! You are so amazing! THANK GOODNESS for 9th grade Biology! And Physics, and AP Calculus, and Dance Co, and Cheerleading, and Hot tubbing...etc. :) I LOVE YOU! If you were still single I would marry you too! ;)
    Oh and guess what? Aubrey's MARRIED now. Amazing huh?

    I love you! And yes - if anyone knows of any amazing single LDS men, please send them my way! :)

  4. Ha! This is awesome! Your wedding pic is drop-dead GORGEOUS! (Kinda like your furniture re-dos...)


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