Friday, April 1, 2011

I am so NOT perfect

Remember this cute little Spring Jelly Bean Topiary I made the other day?

Remember how I also told you that I made two but wasn't ready to show you both because one needed a little bit of tweaking?  Well, here is the other one now:

The stupid thing wasn't centered perfectly on it's dowel and I knew I had to fix it but since I was equally stupid and decided to set it out for the time being anyway, I sort of deserved what I didn't see coming.  I heard a loud thud followed by several little rolling noises when I ever so lightly shut a door in our house, and was just tickled pink to see this.

I know it's kind of funny, but not so funny to me after I spent forever gluing those blasted jelly beans on to the ball and they almost all came off!!!  For an impatient person like me, it's a task to sit still and glue jelly beans for that long.  Oh well. 

The moral of this story is, I am so NOT perfect. I doubt any of you thought that, but since I typically only post about my successes, I just want you to be fully aware that I definitely fail many times along the way before I succeed.  There you have it, the truth's out. :)

I wish I had a great post for you tonight but I don't because I am very busily working on several projects right now that you will be hearing all about in detail soon. Can't wait to give you the dirty deets on all of them!

  • Upholstering a chair for my very first "real" client (almost done- got a lot finished today)
  • Searching for furniture to refinish and creating a design board for my sister in law's Master Bedroom Makeover
  • Last but CERTAINLY not least, working on plans and trying to make decisions for our back yard landscaping
All this of course in addition to the responsibilities of a mom/ maid/ cook, in addition to my real job as a dance teacher busily working on choreography and extra rehearsals with my students for their competition pieces.  Phew!  Life is wildly busy but I wouldn't have it any other way...

Please tell me some of you operate on this same level of craziness with me?  Pretty please?




  1. Don't the opsss's make us crazy! So sorry that happened after all your hard work. It was so pretty!I hope you have a restful, peaceful, relaxing and quiet weekend! Take some special time for yourself :)

  2. I keep it real as often as possible. Especially if I have a problem during a tutorial... I try to show what can go wrong and how to fix it if it does. Sometimes it's a major fail. Those jelly beans were tedious work I am sure, and that's such a bummer. :(

  3. I'm only laughing because oh so many times I've said in one breath, "This is so cute! I love this!" and then in the next breath, "I hate this stupid thing!" LOL. Glad I'm not the only to have those "Oh Phooeey" moments. :-)

  4. So cute!!!! You should come and link up to my party!!!!

    BTW: I love your blog!!!!



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