Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cheese, please

Oh the things I blog about... 

After my trip to Costco today, I went about my usual routine of grating my own cheese from the huge block that I buy there and realized... hmmm... I don't think everyone else does this.  Perhaps I can inspire :)

I must tell you all a deep dark secret of mine.  I LOVE cheese.  Like. a Lot. We go through quite a bit of cheese around here and I cant stand buying 2 lb loafs for $10+ as often as I do.  Here's my solution.  I pick up the 5 lb. loaf of Sharp Cheddar from Costco for about $12 instead.  Now, although we eat a lot of cheese, we definitely don't go through a 5 lb block fast enough for it to not go moldy.  So, I split it up into thirds. 

  1. 1/3 is kept in the refrigerator for slicing, etc
  2. 1/3 is grated and kept in the fridge for anything that calls for grated cheese
  3. 1/3 is grated and frozen to pull out once the bag in the fridge is empty

Using the cheese grater attachment for my Bosch mixer, I cut large chunks and grate them section at a time. 

If you haven't used a Bosch before, you must try one! Seriously, I am convinced that once you go Bosch you will never go back.  If you have a Bosch, you must get the cheese grater! It is equally amazing and is not just for cheese.  I use it for grated onions, and any veggies you want grated (i.e. carrots for salads, etc).

Once the cheese is grated, I freeze 1/3 in a zip loc freezer bag, and throw the other bag in the fridge.

 It is so convenient to have your own fresh grated cheese in the fridge at all times.  I use it for quesadillas, salads, casseroles, etc. etc etc.  You name it, and I probably throw cheese on top :)

Alright folks, enough cheese talk.  If you already do this props to you.  If not, it's so worth the 5 min of extra work when you buy the block to save a ton of $ and have your cheese go a long way.

Say Cheese!


  1. My mom always did that. She would put just a little flour in with the grated cheese to keep it from sticking together.

  2. I've always wondered what to do with that 5 lb brick of cheese at Costco. What a smart idea!

  3. Great idea ~ I'm going to try it!!!

  4. That's a great idea. I love cheese too but I'll only buy it when it's on sale 3 for $6 then freeze that. Maybe I'll give this a try and actually use the food processor. Thanks for inspiring.

  5. Amy, that is a great tip! I will definitely do that also from now on.

    Glad to have helped, ladies!

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  7. That's so funny! We eat a lot of cheese, too. One time Kroger had a crazy sale and the 16 oz bags were only $1.00. I bought like 30 bags to freeze and use throughout the year. When I got to the register the cashier said, "Oh, you must be shopping for a food pantry..." :-) (Yes, my own food pantry. LOL)

  8. @Whitney That's awesome! You were smart to stock up at that price!


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