Friday, November 18, 2011

Curbside chair rescue

I'm sorry I've been MIA for a little while.  I've had plenty of projects to share, but no time to share them.  I finally enrolled in a real life upholstery class near my home, and have spent the last 2 weeks there every evening.  I have to be honest that I really didn't learn much more than what I have already figured out on my own in upholstery, but it was so great to have an extra set of hands there to help me, access to all of the supplies at my fingertips and an industrial sewing machine (oh please oh please Santa send me one of those this year!).  In my 6 classes, I was able to finally finish my ottoman to the French Wingback chair that resides in my bedroom, I re-did the seat cushion with a much plumper foam insert, and I finished a high back chair from start to finish.   I will share my wingback chair pics soon, but for now here is the main project I worked on. 

Some of you may remember spotting this awesome chair in my basement that is beginning to look like an episode of hoarders. 

I picked this up off the side of the road when my sweets and I made our rounds during the annual street cleanup in my mom's neighborhood.  I really wasn't fond of the shape or style of the chair at all, but thought it was unique and that I could make it cuter... a lot cuter.  With a price tag of free, I was willing to take the gamble.

Fortunately when I stripped the chair all down, I was pleasantly surprised that all the springs were still in tact, the foam was still clean and in very good condition, and there were no repairs needed.

I quickly gave the legs a new look, and got to work with my $3/yard upholstery fabric that I picked up from one of my faves, Home Fabrics.

Here she is now.  I think she turned out quite elegantly.  What do you think?

I must admit that even I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  It just goes to show what a huge difference a little fabric can make!  Think again the next time you are considering throwing out your granny's old chair.

Just in case you've already forgotten what she looked like before, here is a quick reminder.

And here she is now.

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  1. Seriously this looks like a super expensive chair now! LOVE the tufting and fabric choice. Great job!!!

  2. Oh the awesomeness! It looks absolutely fantastic! You've done an amazing job :)

  3. Funny when I saw the first picture I liked the unique shape of the chair and being the blue lover I am was thinking it was just a shade too off and way worn out. However after seeing your finished product I LOVE IT! So creative and beautiful plus you did it with your own two hands and that is something I love, pride in your work and home!

  4. STUNNING! Good work! I actually LOVE that uniquely gorgeous shape of the chair and would have been drawn to that!

  5. That looks wonderful! I love the whimsical feel to the high back.


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