Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chevron Chair... Take Two

I realize you may all be getting sick of seeing my favorite chevron print that I've used HERE on my original Chevron Chair

and HERE on my Chevron Curtains,

but I just couldn't resist using the same fabulous fabric on my latest chair revamp.

Here is what the chair looked like when I picked it up at my local D.I.
I loved the curvy legs and caning in perfect condition on the sides.

As you can see, the seat was completely flat with absolutely no cushion left whatsoever.

This baby just needed a little TLC... and Chevron fabric

So TLC is just what she got. 

After I stripped the fabric and what was left of any foam, I gave her a few quick coats of paint using Krylon's Dual Spray Paint and Primer in One.

I've used this product a few times now and I will admit that it's not my favorite but it is definitely convenient.  I think that a coat of Kilz primer followed by Rustoleum's Painter's Touch is the best option for spray paint.  Then, I sanded lightly over the high points for a distressed finish.

Then, I finished off the chair with some new plump foam and dacron and my favorite chevron fabric.  Here's how she turned out.

Pretty cute, huh?

I must say, I don't think I'll tire of this fabric anytime soon. 

Thanks for reading, folks!




  1. Gorgeous! The chevron is a perfect choice. It makes such an impact. I'd love it if you'd share this beauty at my Saturday Splendour Party at :)

  2. Beep-beep and toot-toot! Your chair looks great but I think you already know this :)

  3. Very nice! I have a chair just like that that I still need to makeover...this gives me motivation to get to work on it! :)


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