Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lake Powell

Hello friends.  I just spent one of the most fabulous weeks in Lake Powell with my family, and am just now ready to face real life again.  My sister and her husband have a house boat there and were so generous to invite us to join their family for a week long vacation.  I spent many years as a child vacationing with my family in Lake Powell, so this was like a dream come true for me to be able to go back after missing it for so many years.  My sweets hadn't ever been before, so being there with him for his first was so exciting for me.  We were crazy enough to take Trav with us and though he was indeed challenging at times, he had so much fun and was a water animal! He couldn't get enough of jumping off the edge of the boat into the water, and swimming around by the "beach" all by himself with his life jacket on and momma very close by of course.

We parked the house boat up Rock Creek Canyon, but decided that it should be called Boy Scout Canyon (see if you can figure out why....)

*** Please excuse the fabulous hair after about 50 runs down the water slide and jumping off the house boat***

Travis was convinced that he was the captain and took it upon himself to steer the "car" every chance he could.

The men folk spent a good portion of the first day building their 100 foot water slide, which was an absolute riot to watch their guinea pig runs down the first few times.  It got much faster and less rocky of a landing as they worked on it more over the days. Please excuse my annoying voice in the background and terrible videography skills or lack thereof and enjoy the humor that we all enjoyed for the first run.  Hang in there till the end of the video for a great chuckle.

Since I'm roasting the men in this video, it's only fair that I show you my roasting video also.  Here I am surfing behind the boat showing off without the rope, and finally wiping out during my attempt to finish up the run on the back of the boat.   Smooth move.

So there you have it!  After a fabulous week long vacation I am ready to get back into my projects and preparing choreography for my August intensives.  How has your summer been?  Any fun vacations or projects?  Do tell.



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