Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Darling doormat

I've been eyeing this darling little Red Poppy doormat from Bed Bath and Beyond for over a year now, but never just bought it.  When I saw it on clearance for $9.99, I knew I couldn't resist.  With a 20% off coupon the total came to about $8.50 ( UT tax included).  Pretty sweet deal, right?  If you want one too, you can buy it online HERE or run down to your closest store.

I'll be cleaning off my front porch today to welcome in our new rug.  Now if only I could get my porch bench all repaired and painted.... 

So much to do!  Have a beautiful day.



  1. This is the same mat we have on the front porch of our condo. I remember you said you liked it clear back when we went on our girl's trip last year. I am glad you found it for such a great deal :)

  2. You always want a really nice doormat because then people are more likely to take of their shoes. If your doormat is ugly they may not know that it's a doormat. Another thing is if they comment on the doormat they are aware that it is a doormat and have no excuse not to take their shoes off or at least rub their shoes on the mat.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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