Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Penny Wenny's Gone Mad

It's true.  I really have.  One really good thing about me is that I am ambitious and goal oriented.  However, this can become a serious problem when I OBSESS about finishing my goal and finishing. it. now.  I am so impatient.  Ever since we started the master bedroom makeover, I have breathed, slept, and ate nothing but master bedroom.  Okay that sounds weird... I have been eating real food, but thinking only about fabric choices or how to make those blasted night stands look perfect while I masticate my spaghetti.  Fortunately though, we have made a lot of progress. 

This last week I painted our bedroom a calming light gray.

The choices on the wall pre-painting
 It feels so much more soothing every time I step into the room (despite the fact that my bed and all furniture is in the center of the room, with drop cloths, caulk guns and tools covering my entire floor.)  It still feels more serene to me than the dark blue we had before.  Right after I finished painting on Friday, we hit up Lowes for some moulding.  We debated back and forth forever  on which chair rail to go with and finally ended up leaving with  a Victorian profile casing instead.  I loved the profile, and decided that we don't have to go with the rules just because it's not officially chair rail.  We also picked up the moulding for our decorative picture frame boxes we are installing below the chair rail, similar to the ones in this picture:

My sweets was thrilled to use his new Miter Saw that Santa brought him, so he cut and installed all of my chair rail in about 2 hours, using his handy dandy pneumatic nail gun.

What a stud. 

 *** Note- while it is so adorable to have your little guy want to follow and imitate his daddy, I recommend he not watch when your husband is nailing things into the wall with pneumatic tools and/or setting the nails in later.  Your son will most likely decide to take daddy's hammer and anything else that even remotely resembles his tools to your newly painted walls and create his own new holes for you.  Enjoy***

I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  We still need to install our picture frame moulding, and will show pics once that is up.

I have painted my two Better Homes lamps that I found on clearance at Walmart for $9 (after picture coming soon),

I have purchased fabric to recover the perfect drum lamp shades that I found for $2 each at the DI, I have purchased fabric for my shams and accent pillows, and have decided on my fabric to extend my plain white canvas curtains (but like any good thrifty girl am waiting for the upcoming 50% discount at Joann's on home fabrics plus the additional 10%)

PKaufmann Cross Section in Charcoal, can be purchased online here
Since you can't take the fabric samples home with you, I always like to bring the coordinating fabrics/ items with me.  Here I snapped a quick shot in the store with my curtains, paint swatch, and bed skirt.

I love the masculine touch that the geometrical print brings into the mix.  I don't want my sweets to feel overwhelmed by an all girly bedroom, so one of my main goals for this makeover has been to create a harmonic fusion of masculine and feminine. 

Hands down the most time consuming (and stressful) part of this makeover has been my night stands.  I found these unbelievable Henredon solid wood night stands on KSL and wanted to create a look similar to this one by Little Green Notebook

and this one by Recaptured Charm. 

Even though both of these talented gals have provided dummy proof tutorials, I still wanted to attempt my own versions and have seriously redone these about 5 times now.  I'm ready to croak.  I think I am almost there.  I don't even dare show you pictures of the process yet until I have a gorgeous after picture and you can laugh with me at the horrible in between shots.  Right now however, it's not all that funny to me.

So there you have it.  In less than a week I have torn my whole bedroom apart and tried to tackle every single component of the room at one swift go rather than slowly working on each agenda one at a time.  I just pray that it all comes together the way that I imagine it in my crazy mind, and that it comes together soon.  Pray for me people.



  1. Someday when I have a house will you design everything for it? Your taste in furnishings and decorating is amazing.

  2. LOVE this! Come link up at


  3. When you're done you can come help me with my master bedroom! In the 5 years I have lived in this house (almost 6 years actually) the master bedroom has been neglected. It is the only room that has not been painted and it is in need of some love.

    I can't wait to see your final results! I would love to come see it in person. :)

  4. Thanks everyone! It's very reassuring to know that other people like the vision so far. Hopefully it all comes together. Natalie and Ali, I would LOVE to help you!

    Kara, thanks for stopping by, I will come check out your place today :)

  5. This is awesome! You should enter it into our Ivory Homes interior design competition and win $500!


  6. You're amazing!! I love your determination. AND your side notes. Hope the little guy didn't cause too much damage!! xoxo

  7. I love the paint color! I've been looking for a similar color to paint my dining room. Would you mind sharing the brand and the paint name?

    The final room reveal looks so relaxing!

  8. You're such a great designer! I love the work that you've done :)


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