Monday, March 19, 2012

Fabulous french upholstered chair

The Primrose and Pearl boutique opened tonight, and it has a ton of darling things.  I had a very hard time walking out of there without spending a fortune buying one of everything.  If you live in the area you really should check it out.  If you missed the details, check them out HERE.  One of my very favorite pieces that I am selling at the show is this darling little French chair that I reupholstered.

When I first picked up this chair, it was actually already pretty darned cute and in fantastic condition.

It just wasn't, well, me.  So I did what any other insane person would do to a perfectly good chair.  Rip it apart and start over.

After I took off the cording and staples, I painted the frame with a watered down coat of Annie Sloan's chalk paint in old white.  Here's a secret.  I didn't remove the upholstery on this chair because it was clean and all of the foam and batting were still very firm and in good condition. Then, I sanded heavily for an ultra distressed look.  As a reminder, this chalk paint sands off super easily and quickly, so if you want minimal distressing, use a very fine sandpaper and press ever so lightly.  I protected the full frame with clear wax and buffed it quickly.

Next, I upholstered the top, bottom, and back pieces with a fantastic blue and cream outdoor canvas fabric I found for a steal at Home Fabrics.  I was ecstatic that they had exactly the amount that I needed, and I love the fact that it's outdoor fabric.  If you aren't familiar with this type of fabric, it's made nearly waterproof (but without a funky texture) so that it can be easily spot cleaned by just wiping it with a rag.  I plan on upholstering my french sofa in an outdoor material to get me through the next several years with little kiddos in the house.

After sewing together a new cushion and finishing the edges off with my double welting cord, she was oh so Penny Wenny.

And though it was hard for me to put her in the truck and drive her away from my house, she is for sale at the Primrose and Pearl Boutique

If you would like more detailed instructions on how to do your own upholstery work, check out my tutorial HERE.

I will share more details on the other items for sale in upcoming posts but thought I would at least share some pictures here.

I refinished this pair of accent chairs (you will DIE when you see the before),

this vintage dresser,

this fabulous Drexel Heritage hutch,

the matching yellow nightstands I shared with you here,

several darling accessories racks I made from vintage shutters,

and of course some pillows.

I had a lot of fun getting each of these pieces ready, but I'm not going to lie; I'm so ready for a little breather. 
Signing out,

~Penny Wenny


  1. The chair is beyond amazing!! Love. it.
    xo Becca

  2. Saw the boutique info, but can't make it. So bummer too because I would LOVE to get my hands on the chair (matches my house perfectly), the old dresser and some of those cute pillows! Love them all. Do you want to just come over to my house help me decorate and pick up some of my stuff to make over? ;) I am so close to my due date and excited to get painting again. I should send you a picture of my kitchen table not sure what to do with it, but the 70s are calling. I need ideas that will hold up for wear and tear a table gets.

  3. Beautiful pieces and I wish I could visit myself but that would be quite a hike! Take some time and relax, you deserve it!

  4. Oh that chair (not to mention all your other pieces!) is GORGEOUS! You do a wonderful job bringing out the beauty of your subjects, well done!!!

  5. Very lovely,I love the chair along with all your other masterpieces :) take a little breather but don't stay away too long.

  6. I was looking for ideas to redo my bedroom furniture and came across a google image of this...

    PLEASE tell me what color you used! They're gorgeous!

    Thank you!


  7. I like that you have the confidence to totally change the color even when it's a nice chair. You know that your artistic creativity is good enough that whatever color you pick it will still look good. That's one of things I love about you. Your artistic confidence.

    -Zane of ontario honey

  8. Hi! I’m new follower of your blog and would like to invite you to join me at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop:

    I hope you can make it!


    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

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