Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ottoman revamp and a new light

Hello, friends.  I've been meaning to share with you for a while a few updates we made in our master bedroom, but the sad truth is that I've been to lazy to clean my room to photo-worthy standards so that I could actually share with you the updates.  Those first 12 weeks of pregnancy really stole all of my motivation.  I am pleased to say that I finally feel (sort of) like a real live human being again.  Definitely not my crazy-always-has-to-be-doing-something self, but at least alive.

Here's a recent shot of my master bedroom.

Observant eye balls will notice the new ottoman at the foot of our bed, and the new hanging light fixture.  Really observant eye balls will notice that I most certainly did not iron my bed skirt when I cleaned my room for the pics.  Crap.

I finished my wingback chair a while back, as one of my first ever reupholstery projects.  Here's how she looked then, with my scary blue walls in the bedroom.

I didn't have the budget to replace the foam at that point, so it sat there with a saggy cushion for a long time.  I finally got the time, cash, and bravery to finish the seat cushion properly with new plump foam and a Dacron wrap and reupholster the ottoman.

Here's the much beefier seat cushion in my much calmer colored bedroom now.

It feels much better so sit on these days also.

Here's what the ottoman to this chair looked like when I originally picked it up at a thrift store.

Why didn't I just keep the original fabric?  It would have been so perfect in my bedroom... oh dear.

So here is that cute little ottoman now that I finally finished it, reunited again with its mate.

As you can see the ottoman slightly blocks the path to our bathroom, so unless I am reading or want to kick my feet up on the chair the ottoman resides here as a foot of bed bench.

I kinda like it.

Also, I found this steal of a deal at Home Depot on a lantern style hanging light fixture.  I saw one lurking out from behind another light with a clearance sticker, and had to take it with a price tag of $60.

Slowly but surely, the little additions to our bedroom are making it a complete space.  I still need to decide on my decor to fill this wall, but other than that it's almost done!

Any suggestions? 



  1. Your open wall...

    My eye wants to see the glimmer of thin gold gilt poster size frames. The options of prints is wide open allowing you to wake up and fall to sleep with perfect images. The slight glimmer of gold will not dominate your cool tones while adding some subtle rich warmth you may enjoy.

    Black Fox Manor Inn
    Prince Edward Island, Canada

  2. PW - it is awesome! So pretty and sweet! a haven and oasis in your own home. You did a great job -Happy w/end! ox

  3. Wow, what a beautiful job. I've done a little bit of upholstery myself and I know how difficult it can be. Great job.

  4. That is amazing! You're braver than I am. I've upholstered a couple of small things, but still not ready to tackle a chair like that! Fantastic!!

  5. You did a wonderful job on this piece...looks GREAT!!!


  6. SUPER job!! Im soooo in love with the fabric choice and the light? Ta die for!! Beautiful,Im now following you stop over sometime and chat and follow me too:)) Deidre~

  7. Ohh, I am in love. I have this same chair that I upholstered in a Mackenzie Childs style. I don't have the ottoman but made a tuffet instead. You can see them on my blog if you look at the lower right and find MacKenzie Childs inspirations. You did a fab job and I adore you room colors.

  8. that ottoman is so much more glamorous now! love it!

  9. I'm so in love with your master bedroom! Awesome job on the chair and love the fabric choice! Please come party tomorrow over at! Your newest fan!

  10. Love, love, love! I am in love with that chair♥ I wanted to let you know that I mentioned your blog with a picture I found on Pinterest here:
    I'm your newest follower & I can't wait to see more:) Have a wonderful day!

  11. Oh wow, if that isn't the prettiest room I've laid eyes on all day... LOVE the black and white fabric - it's all so elegant and gorgeous, yet soft and inviting! Would love for you to link up over on Kammy's Korner:

  12. I still can't get over how bad it looked when you first got it and how beautiful the chair is now. Few people have a gift like you do to take things that are not so great and make them beautiful. We need more people like you int he world.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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