Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Best tools for upholstery staple removal

I just wanted to share with  you all my new most favorite tools.  Previously, I have been using a very small flat head screwdriver and a pair of pliers to remove all of the staples on my upholstery projects like this one,
this one,

 this one,
this one,

and this one.
You would think that after so many chairs I would have learned my lesson, but no.  Very recently I purchased my first real upholstery staple remover and my life hasn't been the same since!  It had a hefty price tag in my opinion for how small the tool is (about $18) but it was worth every dime.  

I picked it up from my local upholstery supply store here in Utah, Furniture Mattress Supply.  I also found this fabulous magnet holder gadget thingy from Home Depot for about $10 to drop all the staples into.  It's amazing and saves me from stepping on runaway staples in my carpet, or out on the driveway where I usually do my thang.

So the tool works like this...

First, you pry the "ear" under a staple

 then you pull the tool down for leverage against the staple and to pry it out
 then the coolest part (which eliminates the need for pliers) is the twist action.  You rotate the tool towards you and it pulls the staple out.
 See?  Pretty cool right?
 If you've never pulled out a bajillion staples before with a screwdriver and pliers, then this post may seem irrelevant to you. 

If you have, this just very well may change your life.  :)

Good luck my upholstering friends!




  1. How about the Nail Hunter? It does all of that and more!

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  4. I am attempting to recover our dining room chairs, and have given up because the staples are SO stubborn. Have you ever used the staple puller that looks likes a bent screwdriver? Have been attempting to pull with needle nose pliers and screwdriver, and I am exhausted and VERY frustrated.

  5. Hi Penny, I know it has been a while since you wrote this blog but I hope you are my saviour! I have spent hours pulling out HUGE staple from loads of chairs for my fledgeling furniture restoration/painting business. I have just ordered one and if it is half as good as you say I will be pleased.
    Loraine (Shabby Daisies) UK

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  7. I've use a lifter that looks more like this:

    Still need a pliers (side cutter/wirecutter/diagnoal pliers, whatever you call it) at the end, but much better than a screwdriver IMHO.

  8. Oh thank you! I was doing the screwdriver/pliers thing today & was so frustrated. I'm getting one of these!

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