Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thrifty Threads

Talk about a crazy past couple of weeks. My sweets and I enjoyed a fabulous week vacation on a Caribbean cruise for my bday, and then after we got home little Trav and I joined some of my family members for a crazy weekend trip to Moab, Utah. We had a lot of fun, but I am definitely ready to get back into a routine. I have LOTS to post about but just haven't yet had the time. Here is a quick little blurb about some awesome deals I found before we headed out to Moab, since being domestic in my world involves finding creative ways to live on a budget!

First of all I have to give a little background on my history with the DI (a thrift store in Utah, similar to Goodwill). Growing up I wouldn't have been caught dead buying clothes in there because of the negative stigmas that I thought were attached to it. I certainly would never want anyone to know that I had clothes from there. How little did I know then!!! Shortly after my sweets moved to the US of A from South Africa several years ago, he told his BFF Aaron about this AWESOME clothing store he had found where he bought some Polo shirts for $2. His friend laughed when he told him it was called the Desert Industries and explained to sweets that it's not really something you want to go around bragging to people about. Clearly Aaron and I needed to learn a lesson or two from the African. It has taken me 26 years to learn this little fact, so perhaps I can educate some of you... THE DI ROCKS!

I stop by my local DI on average 2 times a week. I don't always leave with something (it's probably once every 2 weeks that I do) but I always drop in for a quick browse. I of course LOVE the DI for furniture and home decor "projects", but there are so many other fabulous hidden gems to be found at the DI including clothing. I will admit that I am usually not patient enough to search through all of the racks for the great finds (especially with little Trav in tow) but if you are willing to do it I promise you will find some amazing deals!

My last adventure to the DI came to a grand total of $10 and included:

2 knit Polo pull overs (perfect condition)
1 Gymboree lime green and white track jacket (perfect condition)
1 pair Osh Kosh overalls (perfect condition)
1 pair lined drawstring camoflauge pants (slightly worn but still look great)

1 pair red mary jane baby shoes (never been worn)

Ok I know I don't have a girl YET but there was no way I could pass up a $1 pair of darling brand new shoes.

Have I inspired you to start looking in the thrifties for your new threads???

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  1. Wow, okay, I guess I need to learn a lesson or two also! I just wish I had a little more time to go browse. My good friend also has found some awesome steals. She found herself some brand new darling high heels for like $5 or something.


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