Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fabric for bench... poll time!

Here is a sneak peak at one of the many current projects I'm working on. I fell in love when I saw this little piece, and am so glad that my vision for her proved correct with her new coat of turquoise paint and black glaze. I am still going to upholster the top, and thought a fun girly fabric would be darling to put this at the foot of a bed in a little girl's room. (I have a matching night stand for this so I will be selling it as a set since I don't have a little girl... YET...)

I would love your opinions on which fabric you like the most. Also, to tuft or not to tuft??? I will be piping the edges for sure.
Annie Selke (Joann Fabric)

Annie Selke (Joann Fabric) *** I am leaning most towards this one right now because the fabric isn't super bright like the chair, but there are little flecks of the bright turquoise in the flowers. I don't want the whole chair to be over-exuberant (is that a word???)

P Kaufmann (Joann Fabrics) I LOVE this one also. It has a fabulous weave canvas texture that isn't quite apparent in the pic but it is fabulous.

Please let me know what you think! If you want this little set to reside in your home, let me know and I will gladly upholster it to match your bedding.
Once complete, I will post more details of how this set was finished.


  1. That little bench is so cute! I can't wait to see it finished! I truly think that any of the fabrics would look great, but I like the second choice best. Always go with your gut. :) Have you ever been to Quilter's Haven in Bountiful? They have the most darling fabric!

  2. Jen, it is darling! I wish I had room in my house for it! I actually really love the third one. It is my favorite. I love the color of green it has but I agree with Sarah, you need to go with your gut! It will tell you.

  3. I love the first one. Cute things Jen!!

  4. I like the 3rd one best, but they are all so cute! I love the bench. And I can't help on the tufting and piping stuff because I have NO clue what you are talking about! I would love to see the final result. :)


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