Friday, April 8, 2011

Fresh Door Decor

Remember all of the darling spring decor inspiration I shared with you the other day HERE?  I finally did something about it and created my own very simple, quick, and inexpensive Spring door decor.

Is it the cutest wreath out there for spring?  Definitely not.  Is it cute enough for my typically neglected front door?  Totally.

I painted a $2 thrifted picture frame with a mixture of grays and blues I have, sanded it down, dry brushed over a cream paint, sanded again, and rubbed some Minwax jacobean stain into the exposed wood.  I covered my wooden letter S (already owned) with one package of sheet moss ($1 from the Dollar Store), and hung the S off center with some leftover ribbon that I used for my Jelly Bean Topiarys.  To protect my door from getting scratched, I quickly stuck some felt chair protector pads on the corners of the frame and the back of my letter.

Spring, this house is ready for you! 



  1. It looks great those moss letters are so classy and I love it framed.

  2. I love it! It's way cuter than my wreath which my husband mocked so mercilessly it didn't even get its own post :-( Poor wreath. But I sure like yours :-)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  3. I love it! Your front door is really cute too!!

  4. I made something very close to this! Looks cute!! I share the same initial! New follower of your blog and LOVE LOVE it!

  5. The simplicity of the decor gave it more impact, especially with the placement of the wooden letter S and the weathered look of that frame. You know, placing decorations like that shows how much you appreciate the seasons and important events that passed.

  6. Glad your blog because it is exactly what I was looking for, and we read all the posts. I look forward to another great article from you.


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